So, you'd like to know about marketing technology that isn't evil?

Who we are, in a nutshell

Code Enigma is a community of creative souls and the technically brilliant, dedicated to building a better world wide web.

We deliver and support accessible web-based solutions with creative design and robust code on secure infrastructure; allowing clients to tell their engaging stories.
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Ethical, open-source web tracking

We work with two tools, Matomo and Mautic, which provide us with strong insights into the people who engage with us online.

Matomo is a Google Analytics alternative. It’s interesting for organisations concerned with user privacy. You can self-host, so you have 100% data sovereignty and make the rules.

Mautic is a marketing automation tool which allows you to filter your contacts into lists of leads, execute campaigns, collect data and much more. Again, you can self-host,.

Both products are GDPR compliant by default.

How do I get started?

One of the great things is that both products run on the exact same stack as Drupal.

If your team or agency is already well-versed in hosting Drupal, adding Matomo and Mautic is fairly straightforward.

They also both have existing Drupal modules. Assuming you have a Drupal website you can go ahead and plug them in. After that, it’s just configuration and training.

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